We have a wide network of Hospitals in different pars of the State of Kerala and Outside. We are also planning for modern improved versions of Ayurveda Hospitals at selected International Centres. Some of our existing Hospitals include:

Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Speciality Hospital
Piravom – 686664, Ernakulam ( Dist ),
Kerala, India.
Phone : 91-9446275953 Fax: 91-484-2354770
Email :

Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Speciality Hospital
Cheruparambath Road (North end)
Kadavanthara, Ernakulam-682020
Phone 91-484-2324567, Mob 91-9446275953
FAX-91-484-2354770 E-MAIL:

Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Speciality Hospital is known for its healing touch as it firmly believes on the fundamentals of Ayurveda and applies it for the betterment of humanly.

Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Hospital is a 50 bedded, super-specialty hospital located at Piravom, in Ernakulam Dist., Kerala State, India, with facilities to provide lifestyle management in an Ayurvedic way under one roof.

Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Hospital upholds the torch of the age old ancestral and time tested life science (Ayurveda). It is famous for its specialty panchakarma treatment.

This hospital keenly practices almost all disciplines of Ayurveda treatment. It keeps high standards in all-round health care and management of the inmates who are relaxed and rejuvenated in a serene surroundings. It has made achievements in treating thousands suffering from diseases like rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, low back ache, cervical spondylosis, psoriasis, allergic respiratory disorders, multiple sclerosis, mental stress and psychic ailments. The panchakarma treatments like Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasthi, Nasyam, Reekthamoksham and poorva karma treatments like Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara, Sirovasthi, Urovasthi, Kadeevasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam, Swedhanam are performed under strict supervision of the experienced doctors.

It offers different health care packages in Ayurveda for Rejuvenation, Body purification, Body Immunity, Slimming, beauty care and Stress Management. Trained therapists and genuine and scientific Ayurvedic applications and expert management ensure the making of the inmates mentally and physically fresh and fit to meet the challenges of the time.

  • 50 beds with special rooms and general wards.
  • Full-fledged “Panchakarma” Therapy Rooms.
  • Facilities for traditional therapies.
  • Physio Theraphy and Fiteness Center.
  • Special A/C monitoring rooms.